All About Business


By: Suraj M. Band

ISBN: 9789358387513

Price: 269/-

Page: 139

Category: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Education

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Success is a plan driven by productive actions to achieve life’s goals, including name, fame, wealth, and freedom, as stated by Suraj Band. To acquire knowledge, constant energy is essential. This book serves as a magical guide for those with business dreams, providing insights into the resources needed, the required capital, and the implementation process. It uniquely presents crucial aspects such as company setup, industry requirements, factory operations, licensing, legal documentation, and the overall process to achieve success.



Suraj Bund is an author, businessman, social media influencer, and visionary thinker who runs the YouTube channel Surajbandsmb, where he shares insights on business, finance, motivation, technical aspects of business, and the Bhagavad Gita, alongside posting various blogs. With experience as an Assistant Project Incharge at Mahindra & Mahindra and as the owner of SMB Chemicals, he also guides many people on online business and the power of social media.


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