Ehsasoon Ka Safar


By: Sandeep Vishwas Marathe

ISBN: 9789358381658

Price: 125/-

Page: 39

Category: POETRY / General

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Ehsasoon Ka Safar is a heartfelt collection of Hindi poetry that delves deep into the labyrinth of true feelings and personal romantic experiences. Each poem is a reflection of the intricate dance of emotions that romance brings into one’s life. The verses explore the joy of togetherness, the sweetness of shared moments, and the poignant sorrow of separation. Through evocative language and vivid imagery, the poet captures the essence of love’s dual nature—its power to unite and its potential to part ways. Ehsasoon Ka Safar is not just a journey through romance, but also a mirror to the soul, revealing the beauty and pain of relationships. This book is an intimate companion for anyone who has loved and lost, and for those who continue to believe in the transformative power of love.



Author is a romantic person who writes all romantic poems and full of enthusiasm and passionate about romance. He thinks love is only thing through which you can win the whole world in all situations.


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