And Then She Met Herself…


By: Priti Agrawal

ISBN: 9789391219192

PRICE: 199

Category: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / General

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About the book

This book is a subjective account of a person’s life journeys. It is not a biography and is based on the content of social discrimination that persists in our society. The purpose for writing this story is just to acknowledge the readers that although we are in the technical world but somehow still adapted to our old stereotypes pattern. The idea for writing this book is to make us all aware of the fact that although we all agree that men and women are equal in all respect, yet the reality is far from true. With the growth of education, we too some extent have changed our mindset and women have also been given freedom of expression and equality as well as the right to be educated. Various prestigious positions at this period are also held by women but still, we are unable to break our old stereotype pattern. In the modern world too whenever the first time a woman is expecting a baby everyone wants that it should be a boy child. Not only this the people go on trying until they have a boy child. Some relate this desire to the religious concept, some to hierarchical and some for-security purpose at the old age. The book is not about a man or a woman but about the individuality, the identity, and the inner happiness that a human being perceives and which is much more than its gender, caste, or creed. The idea to write this book is not to bring readers attention that still our society is male dominating or desiring male community but to focus the attention that it does not matter whether we are a man or a woman but above all lies an individual, a human being and a true soul.

About the author

Priti is a banker by profession and a writer by hope. She believes that every human being is unique and has a phenomenal way of thinking. The thoughts are the ones that connect our vibes to the outside world, and thus she is now exploring her way to be a successful writer as writing is the only thing that satisfies her inner soul.


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