Apne Ghar Chalo Savitree


By: Satish Shrivastava

ISBN: 9789358380354

Page: 164

Price: 300/-

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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“The story has changed from its fictional form to a medium of expression of real life events.
It was not known when the story of king-queen and fairies started underlining the experience of life.
The story is also intended to taste the sweet and sour taste of life. The story appears today in a different form with unique changes in its element and craft.
The stories of Satish ji’s story collection “”Apne Ghar Chalo Savitri”” depict the real events and problems of life. Over time, the trend of short stories has increased. The creation of Satish ji’s stories is able to describe the life of the people around the world properly.
Story collection will definitely help in making the society aware and providing a new direction. ”


“Born on September 5, 1957 in Damron Kalan village of Karaira tehsil of Madhya Pradesh, Shivpuri district, writer Satish Srivastava wrote what he has seen and felt very closely.
It becomes clear from the stories of the author that the storyteller has a soul connection with the rural life”



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