By:Dr. Smita Chauhan,Dr. Prakash Kumbar



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About the book

Diabetes is no longer considered as a disease of minor significance because its incidence
increasing day by day. It has now become a major concern among people of all age groups.
Insulin therapy is the only satisfactory approach in Diabetes Mellitus, but it has its own
limitations. Unfortunately, besides having a number of side effects, none of the oral
hypoglycaemic agents have been successful in maintaining euglycemia and controlling long-
term micro- and macro- vascular complications. On the other hand, there is not any effective
drug which have effect on pancreatic level. So, the requirement of new oral drug as an
alternative therapy is a need. It is proven that many of the Herbal and Mineral Medicine have
the quality to maintain euglycemia as well as can effective on pancreatic level. This book has
covered the aspects to get the information and management of Diabetes Mellitus as well as
help to know the role of herbal medicine in the management of Diabetes Mellitus and aims to
find the solution of alternative medicine to reduce the complications.

About the Author

Dr. Smita Chauhan,Dr. Prakash Kumbar


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