Naye Yug Ka Veer Hanuman


By: Anuj Goel



Page: 90


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About the book

This is the story of such a child, of a common child, who was constantly moving on the path of his work to give direction and implement his newly made plans. He left us like us to think and judge those stories and went on our own path. So this is the story of such a self-motivated, child who is himself a source of inspiration for everyone else. He used to motivate himself by his events, by his work, to do something. There are many untold incidents hidden in life.You find them and work on them. His every action was always to teach something or the other. There are some that will take him negatively but I have considered him as my source of inspiration and have learned a lot. Somewhere in his every act, something is definitely hidden. It’s just too late to find him.

About the Author

The author was born and brought up in the capital of the country, Delhi. After graduating in science, doing MBA after working in a private bank for 20 years. The writer has a passion for writing poems from the very beginning. But this is my first attempt at writing a book. There is no specific purpose behind writing this book, only one intention is to give an atmosphere of joy to everyone.


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