By: Shumaila Abdul ahad


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About the book

“””Bandish”” is my first novel which took me some time to write. But still I create with the hope that it will be engraved on the hearts of the readers and they can enjoy it.
Thus, there is nothing special in this novel. In this novel I have tried to unravel some knots that are very familiar to real life. This novel needs no introduction. The title of the novel itself is telling everything.
It has tried to highlight the weak and good aspects of human nature, especially of today’s generation. Today’s generation wants to live life independently. Who is fed up with the parents’ resistance, their love, repeated cares and their excessive attachment, often considers it closed and humbled and considers herself its captive. In such a case, if the child is an only child, the parents are superstitious and they are bound by stereotypical beliefs, then it is not enough to sleep.
The novel has commented on the mental disorder of this generation. The unique feature of this novel is that it features a parrot (common household pet bird) as a symbol in the novel. This story consists of two parts, the first part of which is presented here. This novel may not meet the standard of the reader, but still I create it with the hope that the reader should read it and give his feedback so that I can improve myself further by correcting my mistakes.”

About the author

Shumaila Abdul ahad


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