By:Amit Jangra

ISBN: 9789394607200

Page: 285

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We would like to talk to you a few minutes, just to give you an idea of some of special features of this book. Before we go further, let us tell you that this book has been revised according to the NCERT syllabus. We have written this book in such a simple style that even the weak students will be able to understand chemistry very easily.Believe us, while writing this book, we have considered ourselves to be the students of X and tried to make things as simple as possible.We are sure you will be agree with us that the facts and formulae of chemistry arejust the same in all the books, the difference lies in the method of presenting thesefacts to the students. In this book the various topics of chemistry has been explainedin such a simple way that while reading this book , a student will feel as if a teacher issitting by his side and explaining the various things to him. We are sure that afterreading this book, the students will develop a special interest in Chemistry and theywould like to study Chemistry in higher classes as well.Wishing ypu a great success,


I am Amit Kumar from BEHAL town in Bhiwani district of Haryana I am an engineering student I did my 12th class from Updesh senior secondary school Noonsar after that I got admission in BRCM college of engineering and technology BEHAL for engineering now in present time I am 3rd year student my branch is mechanical engineering. I love to read and write books.


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