Bindi Ka Adhikar


By: Arvind Kumar Roy

ISBN: 9789358389692

Price: 225/-

Page: 138

Category: FICTION / General

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The book delves into the profound yet often overlooked realm of women’s rights, questioning the historical injustice and discrimination they have faced. It sheds light on the disparity between the lofty ideals of respect and dignity and the harsh reality of women’s lived experiences. Through poignant examples and historical context, it exposes the systemic biases ingrained even in revered institutions like Hinduism. The narrative passionately argues for the empowerment of women, advocating for their right to education, expression, and autonomy in decision-making. Using the symbolic motif of the Bindi, it underscores the importance of granting women agency in crucial life choices, particularly in matters of marriage. Ultimately, the book champions the ongoing paradigm shift towards gender equality and calls for tangible action to redress past injustices.



My name is Arvind Kumar Roy. Date of Birth 01 January 1957, Pilibhit (U. P.). Bachelor of Education: Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.L. L. B. : Kumaun University, Nainital.


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