Brahjjatakam Me Samajik, Rajanitik Evam Sanskrtik Adhyayan


By: Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma “Vidrohi”, Rachana Sharma


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About the book

Astrology has special importance in Indian culture and civilization. From ancient times till today, astrology has been a paramount and enlightening subject in all the sciences. Its relation is visible in some form or the other in Vedas, Vedang Richao, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita etc. From ancient times till today, continuous use of this knowledge has been used for some guidance in the society and by seeing the ups and downs in life contexts, by predicting from the mouth of great scholars, through the difficulties in the royal houses and in the administration, the reality of the events happening in the life of a person. Let’s inform from. In order to free them from various types of defects, they are able to tell the future of a particular person through the horoscope. Therefore, among other Indian sciences, the best and paramount science is astrology. Its practice has remained unchanged since ancient times. Informs people of every caste about the changes happening in life. That is the subject of astrology. To clarify this topic, the study of Maharishi Parashar (Laghu Parashari, Brihat Parashari), Chamatkar Chintamani Jataka, Parijat Laghu Jataka etc. is going on in the teaching society, and predictions are being made. If Swadhyay is done, then its prediction is accurate and relevant and Brihajjatakam has a special place regarding the subject of science prevalent in the modern era. The place of the above scripture was always paramount. The description of the predictions given in this will be found accurate. The humble effort that has been made to write the present book regarding this ideology, it will act as a relevant, clear and guide for the modern generation regarding every section of society, political philosophy, culture, civilization environment. With this belief, taking this book Humble attempt to complete. To date the proficient knowledge in this discipline has also attracted attention in the science and technology sector. Experience written in the presented book is also included. Which will be successful and accurate in imparting knowledge to the future generation as well as making predictions. In the present book writing, an attempt has been made to mark the need and importance of astrology in a person’s life through twelve expressions. Priyanka Sharma, Nitin in the present book writing Sharma has made a special contribution, they all deserve thanks.

About the author

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma “Vidrohi”, Rachana Sharma


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