Chhattisgarh Mein Samajik Tatha Rastriya Jagriti Ka Etihasik Addhayan


By: Dr. Manoj Kumar Yadav

ISBN: 9788196024567

Page: 296

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Category: HISTORY / General

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About the book

History describes major, specific, and regional events of individuals, societies, religions, and countries, as well as scientific and social facts, figures, and periods. Regional and backward events are often overlooked in favour of national events and chronology. The book examines how backward and tribal areas like Chhattisgarh affected the national movement, how its great people led it, and how social movements cooperated with it. Gandhiji’s truth and non-violence helped Bastar’s tribals submit to the English years ago. This book honours the tribal movement and tribal sons by highlighting their global impact.Chhattisgarh’s geography was illuminated. This book collects all the material and facts for an objective and factual assessment of persons, institutions, and others who contributed to Chhattisgarh’s social and national awakening.

About the author

Dr. Manoj Yadav, the book’s author, is a rural native with a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from prestigious institutions like Lucknow University. Did it Completed doctoral studies at Central University Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh). He took the UGC NET exam some time later as well. Work as a professor at a university. As a student, he was interested in science. The attraction of civil service and interest in history turned him towards the subject of history. To earn its due place in the annals of history, Chhattisgarh was inspired to write its polar opposite. Author , is looking for his role in social and political field with writing. The presentation is helpful not only for high-achieving students but also for regular students and for libraries.


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