Cryptic Tales – A Collection of Mystical Stories


By: Kavya Mehta

ISBN: 9789394607583

Page: 119


Category: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)


An avid reader, Kavya Mehta – a 13 year old girl is a beginner blogger, youtuber, aspiring author and poet.
Recently, her story and poem have been published in two separate anthology paperback books – ‘Unusual Accounts’ and ‘Secrets’ respectively.
She has a blog site of her own – KavyaKites wherein she publishes different types of blogs:
Furthermore, playing on the keyboard is her hobby. She has a YouTube channel – KavyaKites wherein she uploads her keyboard videos.
Writing is somewhat her passion just as playing keyboard. She believes anyone’s writing just doesn’t convey the content but their feelings, emotions and imaginative visions through it. She also thinks that stories are the depictions of the writer’s mind.
A student of Thakur School of Global Education, Kavya works hard to concentrate on her studies as well as to follow her passion and future endeavors.


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