DAITYA DEVTA: The God of all the Devil’s


By: Saurabh Chandra

ISBN: 9789358380040

Page:  66

Price: 149/-

Category: FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

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The story of DaityaDevta revolves around the formation of universe and the existence of GOD and Devil.
We all somehow understand the reason behind the existence of GOD.
We know that GOD exist to guide us and liberate us from all the sufferings of our daily life.
We have accepted the existence of GOD as a supreme being who cares for all of us and who would be there in all the bad times and whenever we need him.
We worship him for blessings and to receive positive affirmations in our lives.
In a way we care more about receiving blessings and less about our own karmic activities.
We have more understanding of whom to approach for more blessings but less understanding of what to do in order to allow these positive affirmations and blessings in our lives.
Very few of us know that it is our own karmic deeds that radiates positive or negative vibes that returns back to us in multiple fold.
Most of us are not aware that the GOD whom we keep searching in idols, through various rituals and in every corner of this world, is in reality, inside us. GOD can come to our aid in any form. In form of any human being or animal or species.
We all have accepted our religion and GODs but little do we know and have accepted the evil that is inside all of us, similar to our GOD.
We may have categorized our GODs on the basis of our religion but how much do we know about the evil in us.
There is no GOD in heaven, and there is no Devil in Hell. It’s all here on earth, inside us. When we spread negativity, the Devil rules us, and when we embrace positivity, the GOD guides us.


Saurabh Chandra was born in rural India. He was inclined towards arts and writing since tender age. He was passionate towards work of arts and started with his initial interest for sketching and writing.
He is a curious child, who would always look for hidden information and things that were mostly not seen or known to many.
He is a daring soul who loves to live life at extreme. His adventures started with his love for speed. His ability to learn anything by mere analyzing, helped him learn cycling, skating during his primary school age. By the time he was in secondary school age he mastered ridding vehicles such as bike and car, in very short period of time.
The interesting thing behind all these learnings was that he never needed any assistance or help.
He has a high degree of self-respect and would dare to stand against anyone who is against humanity.
The best part about his writing style is that he never seeks guidance from existing books rather he loves to pen down all that is in heart.
He is a soulful friendly person who is the best of friends and worst of enemies.
He made many friends in his life by helping them in their bad times and many enemies as well by standing against anyone who is doing something wrong.
Most of the lessons that he learned were from his own life. The magical part of his life is that he had escaped several near to death incidents, in which some of them were completely magical.
He believes that the life he has now is not of his own, rather a gift from GOD and that whatever he does now is inspired by his divine purpose.


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