Death Behind Beautiful Loves – A collection of some beautiful poems and extended proses


By: Anesh Ali

ISBN: 9788196044091

Page: 158

Price: 299

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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About the book

“LOVE succeeds to HEAVEN,
And fails to HELL, and the thing that comes between is called DEATH. ”

This book is a work of extended proses and some beautiful poems with the theme of love. It describes the beauty of love and also the pain stored in its impact. Love is a feeling that represents loyalty, attraction, compassion, affection and Care for someone, which has its own destiny. It is like a peace that resides in human soul and the hazard after it is gone. It erases someone’s loneliness but gives destruction in the end.

This book expresses that love itself is very beautiful when it returns. But it is as much dangerous when it loses. Selfless Sacrifice is the main principle of love. Giving everything selflessly is actually called the LOVE.

About the author

The author of this book is Anesh Ali, a fourteen years old boy who is in his way to his dreams and ambitions. He lives in the district Uttar Dinajpur in West Bengal. He is completing his school in Victoria Boys’ School in kurseong, where he got the idea of writing. He was also encouraged in writing in his previous school, but that time he didn’t give any importance to it. He started writing at this young age and showed his first effort on this book. He wrote this book on his interest in the subject of love. He describes the love in the stories and the poems. He thanks all of them who Inspired him to write.


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