By: Swapnil Ramesh Kale

ISBN: 9789395300322

Page: 43

Price: 122

Category:JUVENILE FICTION / Concepts / General

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About the book

If you’re looking for a genuine effort to teach kids English, look no further than “My English Book Basic.” This book provides a straightforward approach to teaching English Barakhadi and spelling, making it possible to acquire fluency in both languages. The kids also found fault with the book since it was so packed of elementary English vocabulary. The book covers the numbers from one hundred and includes exercises for simple arithmetic and spelling.Yes, this is my first time trying this, so if there is a mistake, please let me know. It is with much affection that I dedicate “My English Book Basic” to all of my fellow students.

About the author

Me ek shishak asun ghari shikavani varg gheto. Maze shikshan M.A.Bed.aahe. me varg 1te 8 paryant shikavani varg gheto. tasech mala goshti lihane va kavita karane aavadate.mazya kahi kavita va goshti vartamanpatrat chapun aalya aahet.


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