DECODING THE ART OF LIVING – Through The Secrets of 24 Elements of Nature

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By: Anurag Mehta

ISBN: 9789391219055

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About the book

Journey inside Nature
This book is about the beautiful journey inside the nature which can elevate your life, with dauntless comprehensible thoughts and inconspicuous facts. This book is a mysterious journey to explore and experience things. It is not just a book it is a secret to explore unidentified and unrevealed truths along with vital 24 elements of nature. Decoding the art of living is a link in connecting life with nature. You will see a new form of art of living.

About the author

Anurag grew up in Udaipur (Lake City); he is currently practicing as a lawyer in Rajasthan. He always writes from heart and has also written various articles on different topics. He is a Nature – Lover, Explorer, Loquacious, Philomath and Hodophile. He looks simple but is always eager to explore new things and the first edition of this book was highly appreciated by various government officials, lawyers, judges and dignitaries.


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