[eBook] Eternal Connections


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Author: Niyati Dubey

ISBN: 9789358389005

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Page: 236

Category: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

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In the veiled corridors of fate, Elle stands at the threshold of truth and deception. Bereft by her father’s demise and adrift in the tides of collegiate life, she encounters a stranger whose enigmatic presence threatens to unravel the very fabric of her reality.

“Eternal Connections” weaves a tale as old as time, where prophecies lie dormant until the chosen rise. Elle, a mere pawn in the grand design, discovers her lineage entwined with a clandestine mafia empire, awaiting her claim. In this labyrinth of power and passion, she finds her heart ensnared by a love that could illuminate her path or ensnare her soul.

As the saga unfolds, a curse that has clenched the bloodline for aeons beckons to be broken. With every heartbeat, Elle edges closer to her destiny, confronting the shadows that lurk within. Will her love be the key to liberation, or will the secrets of the past condemn her future?

Step into a world where every whisper of the past carries the weight of tomorrow. “”Eternal Connections”” invites you to uncover the enigma, where love is the ultimate deliverance.

it’s a story of an ancient prophecy and forbidden love breaking a curse, with a kingdom yearning for its true heir for centuries.



Niyati Dubey’s tale is one of resilience, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams. Fashioning her life with the same artistry she brings to her brand, YATI INDIAS OWNED, Niyati’s journey is a tapestry woven from loss, empowerment, and unwavering support from the matriarchs who raised her. Their strength became her own, fueling her confidence and ambition.

her love for Fashion, led her to the romantic boulevards of Paris, where the whisper of her childhood dream of writing began to echo once again.

Amidst the old-world charm and vibrant cultures of Europe, the dream found its voice. “Eternal Connections,” a trilogy saga, was born—a lyrical ode to love and destiny, a fiction that had long danced in Niyati’s thoughts, now vivid against the backdrop of her travels.

Her story, like her collection, is a masterpiece of emotional depth and beauty, a reminder that dreams, no matter how silent, never truly fade—they wait to be awakened and transformed into our most cherished realities.


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