Emojis Based Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing the role of emojis in text classification


By: Dr. Geetika Vashishta

ISBN: 9789358380330

Page: 160

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About the book

This book treats Sentiment Analysis as a separate discipline to highlight the role of mining the public opinion while exploiting the trending features like emojis. Many people use the words, Emoticons and Emojis interchangeably. Though they both represent expressions which people miss in non-verbal conversation, there’s a slight difference between the two which is discussed in this book. Moreover, the book advocates the notion of giving due respect to the graphical cues which are generally chopped off by the traditional approaches to Sentiment Analysis.
This book has been written in lucid manner and is packed with practical approaches of extracting, processing and mining opinions. It discusses all the sentiment analysis approaches and compares their performance. Each chapter starts with the learning objectives and ends with a summary containing a quick review of important points discussed in the chapter.
The key feature of the book is a fully devoted case study on Sentiment Analysis which shows the detailed end to end process and visualize results. The case study explains in detail the reviews extraction process, pre-processing, feature selection/creation/ extraction, model selection, implementation and graphically visualizing the results. This will help both students and those already working in industry to understand the end to end process and use them practically.

About the author

Dr. Geetika Vashishta is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi, India.
She has keen interest in the flourishing field of Data Science and hence chose the same for her doctoral degree. She secured second position in graduation, B.Sc.(H) Computer Science, and topped the University Of Delhi in the subject ‘Artificial Intelligence’. At the post graduation level, MCA, she secured third rank and had topped the university in many subjects with the highest ever score in the university in the subject- DBMS. She started her career with top notch IT firms like Aricent Technologies Limited and Samsung Engineering Labs as a Software Engineer. After getting an exposure of the industry, she chose to join teaching as she has always been passionate about it. She qualified the National Eligibility test (NET) and then joined as an Assistant Professor in University of Delhi. She has authored as well as reviewed several research articles in reputed International Journals of Springer. She has written many chapters in books of repute. She has attended many National and International workshops, seminars and conferences. She has also organized seminars on trending topics in the Department of Computer Science, CVS. She adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and has actively designed course guidelines for the paper ‘Data analytics in Tourism industry’ of BACHELOR OF ARTS (VS) TOURISM MANAGEMENT and has written book chapters for management students as well.
She is actively involved as a content writer for SOL, University of Delhi. She is a life time member of CSI, Delhi. She has actively worked as a resource person in Government funded projects. She has provided guidance to BSc. (H) Computer Science students for their final semester projects on Data Science, Data Mining and Machine Learning. Her current areas of interest include data analysis, machine learning nad evolutionary algorithms. She has been actively involved in paper setting and guidelines designing for the University undergraduate courses. She has won the ACM Compute Teaching challenge 2021 and her submission has been selected for citation in the
iSIGCSE website. Her area of specialization includes: Data Mining and Machine Learning.
During the lockdown period, she is actively engaged in online teaching process and utilized the time by actively participating in around twenty two webinars, four online FDPs and three workshops.
Apart from Computer Science, she has always been keenly interested in Astrology. She is a certified Numerologist.


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