Gandh Priticha


By: Vaishali Deshpande

ISBN: 9789358380965

Page: 51

Price: 135/-

Category: POETRY / General

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A little about the book:

“The smell of love” is mine

First collection of poetry
There are total twenty poems in this collection.
I have shown in my poems many aspects of Preeti like Shringar, Virah, Rusve-Fugve.

Although there is separation, when there is a meeting, the feelings of separation will become pearls, this optimism is in my first poem.

No matter how charming the surrounding sky is, it is revealed in my poetry that if the lover or the beloved is not near, it feels lonely.
The poem ‘Chorta Kataksh Mazha’ and ‘Mazha Roop, Mazha Sajjan’ brings out the unity of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Hope this bouquet with many flowers of love perfumes your life.



Mrs. Vaishali Sandeep Deshpande is an engineer by profession and has kept the poetess in her heart since the beginning. Her writings have been published through various magazines, newspapers, transcripts, whats app, facebook.

While composing poetry in Marathi, he has also dabbled in Hindi/Urdu poetry.



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