By: Manish ‘Parag’

ISBN: 9789358380835

Page:  135

Price: 249/-

Category: FICTION / General

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“The Novella, Half-Melted, penned by Manish Parag , is the tale of the two main characters, Shabana and Parvez. This story is purely a work of fiction.
‘Half-Melted’ is an emotional and heart-touching story.
Parvez is a guy who used to be a struggler; however, he eventually established a robust business and got settled in his career. Parvez starts a venture, which comes with another complicated experience in the form of Shabana. The entry of Shabana in this story makes a complete change in the life of Parvez, and this entry also affects Shabana’s life. This story brings some heart-wrenching scenarios along with some soothing sequences. This story is about the pure love of two people who love each other, but neither knows. This story starts on soft ground and gradually becomes intense and adorable.”


” Manish Singh is the writer of this Novella.
He graduated from the University of Calcutta
and thengraduated from the Tata Institute of Social Science, Hyderabad.
Presently he is working as a research assistant at MICA College, Ahmedabad, in Media and Entertainment.
Writing is his passion. He has written many short stories in the past, even though he has published one short report on KDP named ‘Love via Break Up.’ He does not want to compete with anyone; he wants to give a new experience to the readers.”


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