Hani Hani Manju Hani – A collection of short poems in kannada


By: Syed Ashfaq Ahamed c

ISBN: 9789394607231

Page: 59

PRICE:  149

Category: FICTION / General

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About the  book

This is an attempt to reach political satire to common man of the region I have tried to educate the masses on prevailing sociopolitical atmosphere in the country at large. If I make the public vigilant on burning issues of our society and support the righteous then my purpose is accomplished our country is the perfect location for different strange ideologies occupying power in the name of prosperity strange bedfellows singing chorus of equality employment and development

About the author

Author is a teacher by profession and a keen follower of current affairs His only intention is political awakening of the silent majority. He has the love of the region as a heredity. Any encouragement from readers will boost him to pen hearfelt thoughts further. Hope his experience as a journalist and translator will help honourable people to make way for new unrtread path and think differently for Indian greatness. The author is not intended to hurt anyone in any regard. Thank you


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