Have You Lived Your Passion


By: Reshma A. Sangodkar

ISBN: 9789358381979

Price: 150/-

Page: 50

Category: FICTION / General

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Step into the pages of my book, a passionate journey guiding you through the realms of self-discovery, the fervor of life, and the interweaving of your deepest passions. Allow me to introduce myself – I am a homemaker, originally from the vibrant city of Mumbai and currently residing in Pune. My academic endeavors led me to earn a postgraduate degree in technical writing from Symbiosis College. Gratitude fills my heart as I acknowledge my husband’s unwavering support, a crucial element in realizing my dream of publishing this book. Special thanks are due to Astitva Prakashan for offering the platform to showcase my debut work, their continuous support proving invaluable. To the readers embarking on this literary adventure with me, I extend my sincere thanks. I believe this book will be your guide, inspiring you to explore the countless passions that enrich your life.


Reshma A. Sangodkar, the author of this captivating literary journey, is a dedicated homemaker with a profound love for the written word. Hailing from the lively city of Mumbai and currently residing in Pune, Reshma’s academic pursuits culminated in a postgraduate degree in technical writing from Symbiosis College. Her debut book is a testament to her passion for self-discovery and the intricate tapestry of life’s fervor. Reshma extends her heartfelt gratitude to her supportive husband, whose unwavering encouragement played a pivotal role in realizing her dream of becoming a published author. She expresses special thanks to Astitva Prakashan for providing the platform to showcase her inaugural work, acknowledging their invaluable and continuous support. With this book, Reshma invites readers to join her on a literary adventure, trusting that it will serve as a guide, inspiring them to explore the multitude of passions that enrich their lives.



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