IT-LAP [Innovation in Teaching-Learning Accounting Principles] : A mother’s lap provides an ideal setting to master Accounting Principles


By: Dr Sivaprakash J S

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“”Innovation in Teaching-Learning Accounting Principles”” (IT-LAP), a comprehensive guide designed to revolutionize the way accounting principles are taught and learned. Just like a mother’s lap provides the ideal setting for nurturing and growth, IT-LAP offers an immersive experience to master the intricacies of accounting principles.
This book is not just for accounting enthusiasts; it’s for learners, trainers, and teachers alike, transcending boundaries of specialization. Whether you’re delving into the world of finance or exploring the realms of arts and sciences, IT-LAP promises to be your companion in the journey towards mastery.
Within these pages lie the blueprints of successful teaching and learning experiments, tailored to cater to diverse sets of students. From the innovative Storytelling Exercise, where learners craft tales to internalize accounting principles, to the whimsical world of Memes Creation, offering a humorous lens to comprehend complex concepts, this book is a treasure trove of unconventional teaching methods.
Venture further, and you’ll discover the transformative power of Research-Based Assignments, empowering learners to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios. And for the techno-savvy learners of this millennium, behold the Selfie Seminar – an ingenious mechanism to both understand and exhibit comprehension based on individual intelligence.
But the scope of IT-LAP extends far beyond accounting; it serves as a beacon for innovative teaching-learning mechanisms across disciplines. As we embrace the evolving landscape of education, IT-LAP stands as a testament to the boundless potential of creativity and innovation in the pursuit of knowledge.


Dr. Siva Prakash J S
M.Com., M.B.A., M.F.C., M.A., PGDDM., DGT., Ph.D.,
With a decade of experience as a Development Professional, the author seamlessly transitioned into academia, having served at Loyola College, Chennai, in the Department of Commerce and at the School of Management, SASTRA Deemed to be University, Thanjavur.
His combined industrial and academic journey spans 20 years, focusing on Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Development, and Research, following the successful completion of the MBA Programme in Development Management at Tata-Dhan Academy, under the prestigious Sir Ratan Tata Fellowship.
The author boasts an impressive publication record, with 58 Research Papers to his name, out of which 40 are featured in Indexed Journals, showcasing his unwavering commitment to scholarly dissemination.
Having achieved Dual NET qualifications in Commerce and Management, he specializes in finance, marketing, and astrology. The author further bolsters his academic credentials with a Philosophy of Doctorate in Marketing from Loyola College, Chennai.
Currently serving as the Head (in charge) and Assistant Professor in the PG Department of Commerce at Thiagarajar College, Madurai, his leadership and teaching prowess continue to shape the next generation of students into scholars.



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