KACHA GHARA: A love story…


By: Prasanta Kumar Bidyadhar

ISBN: 9789358380828

Page: 193

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Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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Everyone has some or the other dreams, but the real truth is that when the dreams are shattered, then the reality is met.
When faith is stained
Relationships are tiny glass windows
Soaked in the soil.
This is the story of the glass factory
This is the story of the glass factory
To be human is to be human
Where is the hesitation to lose?
Such is the instinct of the animal
Otherwise, no.
This is the story of the glass factory
This is the story of the glass factory
The wheel cannot reach the right place without the wheel called world on the wheel called life. It is not possible to estimate how many members ride on the wheel called world. In that wheel called the world, there is a coach or a bus called a family, that coach or a bus is called a house and the seat for the passengers in it is called a place of residence. All parts of that residence are close to each other just as if they were in our house, like our family members.
To reach your goal in life, you have to give up the things you love the most. Sometimes the house turns into a “”glass house””. When the thread called contact is worthless, a beautiful house becomes glass and the house is more likely to fall down with a slight injury. Still the glass stands very strong. It shines as a refuge for all. As the garden laughs with different flowers, the glass house laughs, cheering the different members.
It is the goal that drives man towards improvement and the obstacles in achieving the goal make man familiar with reality. The rules of this world There is family, there is home. All those houses are covered with glass, full of members. There are many members like Aranya and Ananya in the “”Glass house””, so let’s know, read and watch the story of such a glass house…


Maral Malini Neelambu is a great exterminator, painter and drama director of village Udayagiri, Tangi Block, Khurda District, coastal area of Chilikara ✓. Swargat Prasanna Kumar was the eldest son of Vidyadhar and Malatashree Savitri Devi. Educational Qualification: Graduate Trade and Mechanical Design (DPT) … After studying, working as a Planning and Production Engineer in Varshana Steel, a Limited Company. Amidst a busy biography, I have a special attraction towards the orthodox language and literature. And my main goal is to awaken the awareness of Odia language, Odia culture and literature in the minds of today’s young generation. Along with his main professional job, he enjoys acting in stage plays, drawing, writing poetry and monologues, stories, plays and traveling and producing beautiful pictures of Mother Nature. Vaishnavism worships Matarani Ugratara and Lord Srijagannath Swami.
My written book _ “”Natak Raghupati Raghava Rajaram”” O
“”Mita of Fornication”” which is now in manuscript.
Books published: “”Yojangandha”” (Ring of the Heart) and Indradhanu (Seven Colors of Life), Suhani (A Fard of Life)
Co-published books: Middleman, Twins, Dusty Dad and Struggling Beach (This Life), Living Corpse (A Fart Invisible Life), “”A Talking Letter”” and Bone Skeleton (The Story of a Soul…) are also part of the book.



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