Karm – Sansar Mein Karm Hi Shrestha Hai


By: Shital Sanjayji Bamore

ISBN: 9789394607767

Page: 248

Price: 399

Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

Through this story ‘Karm’ I want to tell that what is Karm? Despite having good deeds in this life of Jai, he gets sorrow first. Maybe also because he may have hurt someone’s heart in his previous birth, but later on he gets happiness because of his good deeds. Same, Vijay destroys his life due to his wrong deeds and has to suffer hell after death. Even he will have to atone for his sins by taking the next birth. We determine our destiny by our actions. Instead of improving everyone else, we should try to make ourselves a better person. This is the cycle of time, time does not stop for anyone. We will get what we give to others. Punishment for the deeds of our past births, we have to account for the deeds of this birth in this birth, after death, or in the next life. This series will continue. until we are free.

About the author

I am Shital Sanjayji Bamore. I was born on 22nd September 1979 in Nagpur. At home, my parents, my elder brother kept me with love, respect and kept supporting me. Sindhu College in Nagpur B.Sc. Received degree of.


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