Kavya Manjusha

By: Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma “Vidrohi”

ISBN: 9788119064175

Page: 144

Price: 199

Category: POETRY / General

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About the book

Today, the society has reached the height of inferiority regarding morality. Everyone’s existence has gradually become foggy due to relationship. The young generation does not pay attention to the relationships and their reality and dreams come out of the narrow circle with a semi-circular spark. Conversions, lewd comments like women’s identity and love jihad, unrestrained talk, fanfare, rape mafias, gangsters, failure of the administration. In presenting it in a new style, the support of figurative language, symbolic image has been taken. Through Kavya Manjusha poetry collection, the main aim has been to give message to the youth about the degradation of culture, dignity and continuous values.

About the author

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma “Vidrohi”


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