By: Suresh Ravinandan Choubey

ISBN: 9789358380736

Page:  284

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By the grace and blessings of Vanivinayak, with the coordination and cooperation of intellect, wisdom and writing, some of my literary creations continued to take shape and the will power continued to emerge stronger. Along with mind, heart, discretion and contemplation, stronger emotions keep stirring and creative emotions. Keep flowing in. By nature I am very reflective and sensitive and keep thinking even in sleep. The feeling of doing something new in the field of literature often arises, in this series a curiosity arose that something new should be done in literature. India is a bouquet of diversity in which there is abundance of colour, form, language, religion, caste, clothing etc. as well as variety of food items. This diversity inspired a different creation, as a result this book emerged. ‘Khichdi’ is the national medicinal prasad, dish, dish of the country of India which is the promoter of culture, civilization, natural prosperity, justice and truth and which is the guiding light of the world. The components of this Khichdi are rice, various pulses, mango slices. , turmeric and asafoetida, disease resistant, salt and ghee along with garlic which brings salivation and medicinal spices. There are many genres of composition in literature and each genre has its own characteristics. Essay, story, satire, criticism, Couplets, Chaupai, Chhand, Sakhi, Muktak and Pad etc. are decorated with different characteristics, are interesting, guiding and entertaining. There are many admirers, readers and critics of these works as well as critics. Everyone’s views are and should be respected. It is the natural nature of human being to do something, to be active, to be in the company of people, to attract attention etc. Like normal humans, these qualities are also included in my personality and due to this, despite having poor eyesight, I am unable to stop myself from writing something as per my capability and capacity. Probably, this is the abundant blessing, grace and gift of the divine powers. In this work ‘Khichdi’, an attempt has been made to include stories, poems, essays, satire, poetry, sacred words, good thoughts etc. in Hindi and English languages. An attempt has been made to depict the social, political, natural and human fabric. At some places there is a poignant portrayal of emotions and at some places heart-touching emotions are also expressed which are visible in the mirror of the society. For example, various grains and food items are used in Khichdi and different parts of literature have been included in this book. Many important people have contributed in my literary journey, among which the names of my students and co-teachers come first. . Due to their encouragement, my self-confidence was awakened, developed and matured. I kept getting friendly suggestions, inspiration and cooperation from the respected teachers, among whom some notables like respected Dr. Sharda Prasad Sharma ji, respected Anirudh Pandey ji, litterateur Dr. Sudhakar Mishra ji, Dr. Radheshyam Tiwari ji, Dr. Hriday Narayan Mishra ji etc. are the pioneers. I have been receiving guidance and blessings from close friends Mr. D•N• Dwivedi ji, Mr. Prabhakar Mishra ji, Mr. Vinod Dubey ji, Mr. Mrs. Shashi Kaushik, Mr. Mrs. Shashi Gupta, Mr. Mrs. Meera Aggarwal and Mr. Mrs. Saramma Paul and many friends. My The blessings of my late parents provide me with constant energy, courage, strength and power. Naturally, I receive commendable support from my uncle Shri Girinandan ji, who is the authority on ‘Tulsi Ramcharitmanas’, brother-sister, sons Amit, Vineet and Shashank. My wife Mrs. Kumud ji has always strengthened my goals and work. These mentioned people are the pillars of my creative work. Meaningful suggestions from my daughter-in-law, Mrs. Jayshree Chaubey, keep coming in a timely manner. ‘Astitva’ publication gave form and life to the book ‘Khichdi’. People who got direct or indirect support to bring this book into existence. I am grateful to all those people



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