Learn English Yourself


By: Satish Panchmahalkar

ISBN: 9788196024550

Page: 144

Price: 345

Category: LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Grammar & Punctuation

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About the book

This book ” Learn English Yourself”, is a spoken English book. It is specially designed for all to learn English language in an easy way. Grammar has been basis of it and tenses have been given more emphasis. Various structures of tenses will help learners to form sentences in concerned tense. Question formation pattern will assist them a lot in making rapport with others. Besides that the grammar part like active voice and passive voice, degrees of comparison, articles et. have been included. In this way a number of techniques have been used to make learners more convenient in overcoming difficulties in understanding and learning English language. The special feature is translation of sentences, question patterns in three languages- Marathi, Hindi and Telugu, which plays an important role in understanding correct meaning if a learner know these languages. It is very easy for an individual to speak in his mother tongue easily So, if he understands first in his mother tongue ,it is easy for him to speak same English. This is the purpose of translation. I experienced this lack of understanding among the students about the correct usage of language. In the end I hope that my book may guide learner a lot and help him to improve English language.

About the author

Satish Panchmahalkar is a resident of Bhainsa, District Nirmal, Telangana state.He has born at Bhainsa on 26 th June 1967. He is a graduate of Electronics i.e. B. Sc. and post graduate of Marketing Management i.e. MBA. He worked as a vocational part time junior lecturer in Government Junior College Bhainsa for 13 years i.e. from 1994 to 2007. Later he worked in private colleges and schools in Bhainsa and taught English subject upto 2017 year. He also worked as a spoken English instructor in a private Institute there . He also used to run spoken English classes for all level of students including graduates, post graduates like B.A., B.Com. pursuing candidates and Engineering graduates too. He has been very much interested in English language since his student life and is still alive. He writes blogs on current events and posts on social media Facebook and Whatsapp regularly. He is also a poet. He writes poetry in four languages- Marathi,Hindi, Urdu and English. His Hindi poems are published in daily Hindi new papers, Swatantra Varta and Hindi Milap belonging to Telangana state. He also attended a number of poetic concerts and occupied place in the hearts of audience. He played an lmportant role in developing unity between Hindu and Muslim people by participating in poetic concerts held in Bhainsa. He has been also a regular reader of philosophy. His attitude towards life is optimistic. He thinks human life as precious and an opportunity given by The God to serve to human kind,imitate to the lives of great men on the earth, follow their ideals,set an example for others and leave foot prints on sands of time and be immortal in any form.


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