Little Writer: collection of short poems


By: Dr. Aadya Chauhan

ISBN: 9789358380477

Page: 35

Price: 99

Category: POETRY / General

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About the book

From the ‘COVID’ times to Gen Alpha these poems are influenced by ideas of moral ethics, freedom, liberty, equality and things related to our day-to-day life. By these poems the author, Aadya Chauhan, wants to convey her feelings and what she thinks about life. Most of the poems are written in freeform. Aadya, through these poems wants to to share that people should not forget their humane values.

About the author

My name is Aadya Chauhan. I was born in 2008 in Hubli, Karnataka to my mom and dad. My hobbies include swimming, photography, travelling and writing.
The COVID times helped me to develop this passion of writing. I made imagination my friend and together we wrote this piece of literature. I would like to thank my dear mom and dad for encouraging me always and forever. Without their encouragement and support I would not have been able to write. Love you mom, dad and Ashwin, always.


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