Waves And Tides


By: Gulshan Kumar

ISBN: 9788119064809

Page: 131

Price: 250/-

Category: POETRY / General

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About the book

The present anthology “Waves and Tides” kindles a riot of emotions, infusing exhilaration of cosmic proportions. It is an amazing attempt to capture the world into words. It is an alluring work in which the poet has delved deep to comprehend both the external world of sensory perception and the inner world of human emotions. While our daily routine strangulates our passions and the warmth of the heart, the book has the power to stir up the inmost corners of the reader’s mind. It covers a number of issues of universal significance as well as topical interest. It contains poems dealing with women’s empowerment, environmental concerns, and the theme of love. Besides, there are philosophical issues like Destiny, God, Nature, and the power of Prayer. A set of poems are motivational and inspirational. Then, there are poems on the lives of great men, and the significance of the celebration of certain days celebrated internationally. The poems are marked by a felicity of phrasing and the use of metaphorical language at its best. Reading each line can be as tranquilizing as watching the waves on the shore and watching the Sun playing through the clouds. The reader cannot just devour the poem; he has to chew the poem to consume its essence. The anthology succeeds in the upliftment of the soul with its underlying messages and stirring of the various chords of the human heart. Brevity is the soul of wit. Following this maxim, the poet has taken every care to avoid redundancy. Most of the poems are a treat both to the eyes and the soul. In his very first anthology, the poet succeeds In captivating the reader’s attention.

About the author

“Waves and Tides” is the poet’s debut anthology containing 62 poems. However, the poet has contributed about 200 poems to various international forums, and many of his poems have been published in various online journals. He has won a number of awards for his poetry from various international online forums, and a number of his poems have been published in various E-journals. The poet has been teaching English literature in a college affiliated with Panjab University, Chandigarh for over 40 years, and is still continuing with his journey as a zealous teacher of literature, especially English poetry. He composed his first poem during the lockdown period when the entire world was struck by COVID-19, While there was dead silence in the external world, the poet’s entire being was inflamed with great imaginative powers. He found his intuitive faculties awakened to a degree that he could not help expressing his charged emotions, observations, and experiences in poetic form. With his enormous knowledge and long-standing teaching experience of poetry, he has captured a plethora of emotions in his poems that stir the hibernating corners of the heart. The poet holds a doctorate degree in English literature from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Recently, during the COVID-19 period, he happened to discover his creative competence and skills. Now, creative writing has become a habit for him. It has become the manna for his soul. Besides teaching literature, he also teaches creative writing and soft skills at the postgraduate level. His thirst for writing is unquenchable and his journey as a poet is unstoppable.


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