Maa Mamta Aur Mamtva


By: Dr. Dashrath Tiwari

ISBN: 9789358385984

Price: 360/-

Page: 241

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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The poetry collection “”Maa Aur Mamta Mamtva”” is entirely dedicated to mothers and is a successful social literary work. The poet illustrates how, in the current social context, mothers are enduring pitiful conditions. The author also believes that not all mothers face the same situation; only the fortunate ones live a respected and dignified life in their old age in exchange for their love and care.

Under the mother’s shelter, humans spend their childhood. The mother endures all the world’s obstacles herself, ensuring they don’t affect her child. She sleeps on wet clothes to keep her child dry, goes hungry to feed her child. Yet, in her old age, the same mother is forced to sleep hungry and wear rags. Why? Why do we forget a mother’s love amidst the intoxication of youth? We go on pilgrimages, leaving our mothers alone to sleep on empty stomachs. Finding the reason for this in today’s social context has become essential.

We blindly chase Western civilization, forgetting our Indian culture and traditions. Family now means just husband, wife, and their children, neglecting grandparents. The core reason for this is the son’s neglect of his mother. Sons are forgetting their responsibilities towards their mothers, making it crucial for enlightened individuals to step forward.

This poetry collection addresses these burning social issues. It beautifully highlights the importance of a mother’s love and care in simple words, and clearly outlines a son’s duties towards his mother. The way the poet describes a mother’s affection and the responsibilities of a son is both readable and exemplary. The value of a mother’s shelter cannot be fully expressed in words, but this collection will undoubtedly help in recognizing a mother’s love.



Dr. Dashrath Tiwari was born on January 4, 1955, in the village of Barki Naini Jor, located in Buxar district. His father was the late Narsingh Tiwari, and his mother was the late Devratia Devi. He was born into a very poor family. After passing his matriculation exam from Diara High School, Karnamepur, in the present-day Bhojpur district, he had to go to Calcutta for further studies. There, he supported himself by giving tuitions. His father passed away on August 15, 1965, when he was just ten years old, and his mother passed away in 1987. He got married on May 2, 1974, to the late Dharma Sheela Tiwari, daughter of the late Rajvanshi Rai of Semraon, Gopalganj.

Dr. Dashrath Tiwari has been exceptionally intelligent since childhood and has had a keen interest in literature from a young age. His father, Narsingh Tiwari, was an expert in the Ramcharitmanas, which fostered Dr. Tiwari’s interest in the Ramcharitmanas and the Mahabharata as a familial legacy. Due to lifelong unemployment, he faced many difficulties in life. He received fatherly affection from his elder brother, Shivkumar Tiwari, which ensured the smooth continuation of his children’s education. When he was in the tenth grade, he wrote a poetry collection titled “”Jeevan Prem,”” but the original manuscript was destroyed in a house fire, and his difficult family circumstances hindered his literary pursuits.

His wife passed away on April 10, 2014. In his solitary and widowed life, he turned his attention back to literary creation. It was primarily the COVID-19 pandemic that compelled him to write.

Most of his works are related to the themes of separation, pain, and maternal love. “”Maa Mamta Aur Mamatva”” is his eighth poetry collection, in which he has vividly and touchingly described the importance of mothers and their love. His upcoming works include “”Dalit Jeevan,”” “”Rishte Nate,”” “”Badnaam Kaikeyi,”” and “”Shiv Mahima.”” His work “”Bhai Bharat”” is still in progress or, you could say, in its early stages. Reading, writing, and staying connected on Facebook are now his companions for the rest of his life.





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