Mamachya Gavala Jauya: My journey in childhood memories


By: Dastagir Mujawar

ISBN: 9788195987108

Page: 81

Price: 160/-


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I am dedicating this first collection of stories to my divine heavenly parents and inspired by their blessings, I am trying to convey a message of peace, brotherhood, friendship and unity to the entire human race. May God help me to qualify in this.


“Chhatrapati Pramila Raje (CPR) district hospital in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. Born on January 2, 1969, grew up in the village of Kagal taluka, became cultured. Education from Jawaharlal Nehru Urdu School from 1st to 7th and Shree Shahu High School from 8th to 12th, Kagal and further degree and post graduation from Bhatsak Ratnappa Kumbhar (DRK) College, Kolhapur.
It was during this time that friendship is also an integral part of life, while living with family, relatives and colleagues, I came to this point by carrying many pearls of friendship. The culture of respect and honor for the elders and love for the children from home was very useful in making the masses like us.
After completing his education, facing the financial situation of the family, Shri Ganesha got a job from MIDC, Lote Parasuram near Chiplun. Starting from the post of Typist cum Clerk in Chiplun, today to the post of Head of Human Resources Department in a reputed company, Daund, Distt. Working in Pune.
There is no doubt that my life will definitely be worthwhile as this book gives me a golden opportunity to reach you.
If you like this small effort as a writer, then surely your feedback is requested to reach me as well as other readers.”



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