Her Story- My Body is a Holocaust


By: Sarina Pasricha

ISBN: 9788195958252

Page: 60

Price: 130

Category: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / General

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About the book

I write these pages that I call Herstory. Herstory is a neologism by the feminists in response to traditional historiography. It refers to history written from the female perspective. This perspective incorporates the context of authenticity and existentialism which echo the themes of self-identity, individuality, death, anxiety, and meaning.

About the author

Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. 15 years of content development experience. 5 years of Management Consulting and Organizational Development experience. With specialization in writing, editing, change management, coaching, training management, and training delivery for Fortune 500 companies. Comfortable with high level of responsibility and great at interaction within all levels of the corporation. A creative thinker with a pleasant personality, a good sense of humor, and able to be attentive to detail while keeping the broad strategy in mind. Writing style uses the latest trend of storytelling of the brand so that the audience can associate with the message and a narrative that is real and personal.


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