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About the book

“Maut” is a long ghazal written by the great poet Kundan Lal Bhatti. This ghazal has 364 parts. The entire share presents death, impermanence in a visible form. This is the first ghazal in the world Punjabi literature with a subject, Bahir, Radif, which has been composed by the poet in such a detailed manner. Therefore, the poet Kundan Lal Bhatti deserves congratulations. We welcome this unique form of ghazal. The word death is used more than 1174 times in the entire ghazal.

About the author

Kundan Lal Bhatti is an eminent exponent of Punjabi literature. His unique contribution is in the field of poetry, songwriting. He has written more, able, capable, socially friendly and persistent at a young age. His literature has a unique glory at the world level. Poet Kundan Lal Bhatti is the first writer of the world who has been named 12 times Has been recorded in the “Asia Book of Records” and 12 times in the “India Book of Records”. Poet Kundan Lal Bhatti is the first literary man in the world whose name has been recorded so many times in these books. His name has been entered in the “International Book of Records” once.


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