Menopause : Ayurved Wisdom


By: Dr. Shilpa Yerme

ISBN: 9789358384031

Price: 400/-

Page: 239

Category: MEDICAL / Gynecology & Obstetrics

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Menopause is the prime important stage of a woman’s life. Menopause is termed as Rajonivritti, the term is made up of Rajah and Nivritti meaning cessation of Artava Pravritti. It occurs around the age of 50 with lots of physiological, metabolic, psychological and anatomical changes. Menopause become troublesome for many women. A very sincere attempt has been by the team to discuss menopause in different aspects. The book contains all the aspects of menopause like Ayurved management of symptoms, Panchakarma, Diet, Yoga, Weight gain, Osteoporosis, Sex life, Supplements, Rasayan, Beauty, HRT etc. It is a simple guide to menopause.


Vaidya Shilpa Yerme – Patil
• Founder Ayurved Welfare Foundation, Solapur
• Secretary Association of Kriyasharir
• Chairman – Solapur District Nima Teachers Forum working as a professor in kriyasharir Dept in SGR Ayurved College, Solapur. Total 20 years of teaching experience.
• PG Diploma In Medical Education (Ayurved) .
• Worked as a college coordinator, Deputy superintendent, chairman of society at SGR Ayurved College Solapur.
• Entrepreneur, motivator, international speaker. • Delivered guest lecture on various virtual platforms.
• Working on editorial board member of research journal Ayurlog, Ayush Darpan journal, JAIHM.
• Published textbooks as per MUHS syllabus on kriyasharir which are approved by MUHS University. Experience of teaching Research Methodology & Medical Statistics. Published book on Research Methodology & Medical Statistics for ug & PG students.
• Editor of book Therapeutics in gynecologic. Editor of book obesity an Ayurved approach.
• Contributed chapter in book P.C.O.D. , Obesity , Therapeutics in gynecology .
• Published book Food for Dosha – International publication.
• Taught thousands of students about prakriti & Dhatusar clinical application.
• Published E-books on prakriti, Dhatusar, Infertility, Sholakwali, Tridosh Prakriti etc.
• Organized number of virtual conferences and Samhita sessions.
• Regular writing in magazines and Newspapers.


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