Mind And Its Thoughts


By: Ayatan Tsubaki

ISBN: 9789358389074

Price: 299

Page: 167

Category: POETRY / General

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A book of poetry, written in a manner that reflects our inner minds and thoughts often suppressed by our surrounding environment. It gives a sense of relief that one’s problems in life are not everything but a stepping stone to move on forward in life overcoming every dark situation. Life is not permanent and so is death and the journey of the soul hereafter is like an everlasting quest, completely unpredictable. The poetry is based on such themes of life, mental health and nature that are not easily understood and death with. It is basically a reflection of our inner battles which occupy a crucial spot in our everyday life. Nature described hereinafter in itself is a depiction of our saintly, inner beauty.


A mysterious author of mixed heritage tells you about the unknown depths of the human mind keeping your thought process hooked on every line. Actually, it rather tests your linguistic ability to decipher every line on a different level altogether.



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