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About the book

How far!!!How do you define ‘far’? A hundred kilometres or a thousand miles? Or just the distance between you and your native place; the land where you took your first breath? If ‘far’ brings nostalgia, then this poetry collection is for you.Reflective and poignant, Silver in the lake, is a ripple of tiny events that brings back the scent of home. A pichora found in the almirah, an October wind whispering the name of badhi, a suffocating modern life waiting for Sanjeevani or the butterflies bringing memories of the cholias. Further, brief information on all the subjects along with questions for readers have been added to make the whole experience of poetry enriching and interactive. By sharing knowledge related to various cultures, the author dreams of strengthening cultural ties across nations and the world as a whole.Trying to guide you through the maze, from where you are to where you belong, Priyanka Harbola takes you on a journey back home. One who herself has out-migrated the scenic hills of Uttarakhand, knits stories in her poems. The silver of culture, cuisine and life of the hill people is sure to linger for long in the eye of the readers, alongside, encouraging them to share the stories of their homeland. The feeling of belongingness to their own place will let them float uninhibited over the lake of poetry.

About the author

She finds a new pearl,Each time she dives.You drag through one,She lives many lives.Priyanka Harbola is the energy transforming into various beings. She is an everyday writer, squeezing in minutes for her stories in the route she takes to the Bank. She is currently working with the Reserve Bank of India. Living with the Dead is her debut novel. It has been funded by Wordit Art Fund. Some of her poems are beautifully crafted under the polluted urban sky. Some others are written in the solace of her home at Nainital, Uttarakhand. She is a painter some weekends. She unhesitatingly draws and creates handmade cards for her near and dear ones. Magic and mysticism never fail to catch her eye. She is wedded to a handsome young soul, she calls KP. She is mother to a precious little girl named after the Lord that resides in the hills, Shiva. She calls her Shivanya He is the one trying to give direction to her energy. She believes in serendipity and human connections. You can email her at or get in touch through her twitter handle p_h62. Her personal instagram ID is @harbolapriyanka. and the one relating to her creative writings is @youarethewords.


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