Move Mumbai (Hardcover)


By: Vivek Kant, Sugandh Malhotra,,Angshuman Das, Tekhenutso Theriah

ISBN: 9789358384123

Price: 3800/-

Page: 169

Category: TRAVEL / General

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“Move Mumbai” is a photographic journey that delves into the relationship between people and their vehicles in Mumbai. Mumbai with its diverse population of millions and over six hundred vehicles per kilometre presents a wide array of interactions between the dual elements of humans and vehicles. The images highlight the unique mannerisms and ways in which people use and interact with their machines, which go beyond their intended purpose. This appropriation of vehicles in a manner reflects the economic constraints, cultural values, and resourcefulness of Mumbaikars. The book intends to stir up curiosity in the minds of the readers and attempts to show the
everyday mundane street life through a different perspective.
Although this book is about Mumbai but it is a vivid commentary about how our vehicles have become a natural part of our lives. Navigating through narrow corridors of our densely populated urban cities, our vehicles often become part and parcel of our lives and a center-point in our interactions. I think it is relevant to everyone who has passion towards vehicles, narratives and urban cityscapes.


Vivek Kant, Sugandh Malhotra,,Angshuman Das, Tekhenutso Theriah


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