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About the book

Muse Hills, debut poetry collection hem in a teenager’s dream avenue to fuse with her muse by Aswathy S S aka Zerayna. Adulting is one of the scariest processes to go through in one’s life. Yesterday’s fantasy of yours was a stranger, with whom you won’t ever meet up again. Muse Hills is that Rabbit-hole, where you can go on a date in a no- man’s -land.

About the author

Aswathy S S aka Zerayna , our mint compére to the orb of reverie , a postgraduate third position holder, Dept of Linguistics, karyavattom, Kerala , a second rank holder in Hindi translation, Hindi prachar sabha, Kerala and postgraduate in English language and Literature, University of Kerala, is the daughter of Rtd Finance officer, educator S.Sreekumaran and Insurance advisor, a gardening enthusiast,
Sindhu R. Zerayna is a crossword aficionado in admiring nature, pop music, k drama and art. Her teenage dream sowed the seeds of a poem.


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