Neela Ganga Jal (Dusra Khand)


By: Arvind Kumar Roy

ISBN: 9789358385922

Page:  318

Price:  460/-

Category: LITERARY CRITICISM / Short Stories

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‘Neela Ganga Jal’ means blue and Ganga water complements each other. ‘Blue’ is as pure as Ganga water and if Ganga water is pure then it must be blue. From its origin till its merger, Ganga has been moving with struggle since time immemorial. It flows like a continuous, pure stream and moves forward, eradicating the thirst for life and land that comes in its path. She carries even the filth of the road with her, yet she remains pure. That is why she is the life-giving mother. Neela also moves forward with the struggle as a helpless mother. She tests you at every step. She takes the weak and helpless society along, gives it direction and dedicates herself to them by serving them selflessly. Blue is a form of Ganga, a form of Shakti, a form of Goddess. Only then does she take a pledge to save Ganga, takes a pledge for social change and shows women power. Like Ganga, she moves forward with a generous mind and moves towards her goal, crossing every obstacle.


My name is Arvind Kumar Roy. Date of Birth 01 January 1957, Pilibhit (U. P.). Bachelor of Education: Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.L. L. B. : Kumaun University, Nainital.



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