Partain: Vividh Rachnakaro ki Kahaniyaon ka Sankalan


By: Dr. Premvati

ISBN: 9789358380170

Page:  135

Price:  199/-

Category: LITERARY CRITICISM / Short Stories

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Every day, our minds are filled with countless thoughts and ideas. However, only a select few highly sensitive individuals are able to mentally and cognitively preserve and carefully discuss these feelings and thoughts. No matter how happy or unhappy we may feel, the culture we live in has influenced us and continues to do so. These emotions and ideas provide reality and imagination artistic form, which is then displayed to us in the form of diverse forms of poetry and creativity. In this sense, we might say that our minds and brains contain layers upon layers of emotions, ideas, and imagination. It lasts just briefly in our brain’s subconscious.Being able to peel back the layers of these ideas and feelings and express them to someone else creates a meaningful and effective communication medium. It is not a question of talent for everyone. The only individual who can do this is sensitive and aware. what we refer to as creators. The current book is a good illustration of this. The stories collected by all the authors have been successful in revealing numerous levels of emotions and thoughts within the human mind.


Dr. Premvati has a Ph.D. from Delhi University, an M.Phil. in Hindi Literature from Jamia Islamia University, and other advanced degrees. During your PhD, you produced a lot of research publications. In your college’s annual magazine, a number of poems and a story titled “Badlab” were first published. Following that, she occasionally expressed her sentiments in various journals and newspapers through stories and poems. Research articles have also been published in a number of national and international journals in addition to literary genre writing. On the Indraprastha station of All India Radio, you occasionally host programs on various literary subjects. She has been serving as a guest professor at Delhi University College for a number of years.


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