NO LIFE IS COMMONPLACE: Reminiscences of an ordinary man


By: Shekhar Nalin

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What is the greatest epic till date?
The greatest epic is your own life story. From the moment you set foot outside your mother’s womb, an epic was set into motion that will keep evolving until the day you leave this place. For some, the story never ends, their legacy continues.
Around eight years ago, while going through the novel ‘When Strangers Meet’ written by a young author K.Hari Kumar, this beautifully worded paragraph had caught my attention.
A realization dawned upon me that even if the legacy of most of us does not continue the fact remains that no life is commonplace, even if the person leading the life is an ordinary mortal.
This book is about my reminiscences, my recollections, and my remembrances. It is about memoirs of an ordinary man- of the events which left a mark on his life, of the people who shaped his life in various ways,
In the first half of the book, namely Section A, there are thirty five small pieces about people and events covering almost entire life of the author- from early childhood to seventy years of his age. Some events are hilarious; some evoke intense emotions of love and bonding; some showcase camaraderie and team spirit; a few of them are pure nostalgia; and one is about suspense and horror. All the events are true and they have been described as such. Only where necessary- just to protect privacy- names of few characters have been withheld or abbreviated.
Second half of the book, that is Section B, is about four places, selected by the author among more than a dozen places where he spent some time while working for his organisation State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur. The description is of the branches of the Bank, mainly about the employees, their individualities, their peculiarities and their bonding with the author, and, of course, about some interesting events and anecdotes. Some persons other than employees, who added colours to the life of the author, have also been featured.



Birth: 1954
Native place: Village Rasalpura, District Nawada, Bihar
Schooling: Nalanda Collegiate Higher Secondary School, Bihar Sharif, Bihar
Higher education: St Xavier’s College, Ranchi, Jharkhand
& Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Master of Science in Physics
Served in a public sector bank. Post retirement, pursuing the hobby of reading and writing. Is passionate about sports and games.
Permanent residence: Patna, Bihar
During his long career in bank he was posted in different places of India- big and small. Being a keen watcher of human behaviour he was amazed at how different people behaved differently in similar situations. The sheer enormity of difference among individuals fascinated him. He felt that stories of his fellow human beings were floating around them, and they needed to be compiled and told.


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