By:Surendra Prasad

ISBN: 9789358380064

Page: 50

Price: 99

Category: POETRY / General

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About the book

Along with humour, my novel “Pankhuri” contains a moral message for today’s young people lost in the kaleidoscope of postmodern life. I have made an effort to impart wisdom upon the youth of today. I have tried to ensure that this collection of poetry has something for readers of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. Intelligent readers will enjoy my book, and it will serve as an example to the next generation.

About the author

I was born in a very simple and ordinary family. I am a manager in the Food Corporation of India. I have seen many ups and downs in my life. I had to face a lot of adversity. Made a lot of papads. Everything fell apart in the span of time. Loneliness began to set in. Often I used to get lost in past moments. Heartache became heart disease. To whom would I narrate my woes. I used to get very upset remembering the moments of the past. In such times, my wife Mrs. Rekha Sinha and my dear Sumit came forward as a source of inspiration, inspired by their inspiration, my heart started sprouting in the form of poetry. My books “Bikhre Moti” and “Makarand” have been published from Astitva Prakashan Chhattisgarh, which got immense love from my readers. I am extremely happy to dedicate my third book “Pankhuri” to my best readers.


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