Pious Role


By: Ahan Sengupta & Srijan Sengupta

ISBN: 9789358380989

Page:  160

Price:  299/-

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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This is a collection of short stories written by twin non-verbal autistic young adults. These stories picture the world around them. They depict the society around them in a colourful myriad of words. People come here in all their strengths and weaknesses. They love, they hate, they sacrifice and take revenge.
There are 34 short stories in the book. Ahan has written 29 of them while his brother Srijan has written 5 stories. They are stories of varying length. Some are very small of about 100 words or more. Others are rather large crossing 1000 words.
These stories carry many characters. They are teenage boys and girls, young boys and girls in colleges and universities, elderly men and women. They are students, teachers, stock brokers, doctors, authors, CID officers and so on. There are many aspects of life depicted in the stories.
There are stories of school boys and girls facing envy, jealousy, friendship, attraction and love. There are stories of romanticism, relationship and revenge of college and university students. There are past reminiscence of elderly people.
In one story (Silly) Sraddha comes into face of her long forgotten childhood crash. In Heir, a polyamory lady is uncertain about the father of her child.
Many times in these stories flashback and pondering in isolation gives way to a new type of thinking. In Immersion, a stock broker realizes an unpleasant truth of his past while pondering in isolation. In Avenge, turning the page of her diary, a housewife realizes the true meaning of the present.
In these stories the real world is mirrored in a typology of flashes and emotions radiating human pathos. I think they might attract the ears of a wide audience.


Ahan is a dreamy boy. People call him autistic. The world he sees is captured in words more through pen than through modulations of vocal chord. There are so many glimpses of this in the book inching towards a full grown youth.

Srijan is a happy boy in teens. He has a knack of traveling. He enjoys music. He writes stories, poems and anecdotes on various topics in both English and Bangla. It rises from the inner depth of his mind. A person who is not like you should not be dumped in any acronym such as autism. Their woe is like yours, their happiness also. This book shows you that.


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