The Lost Last Son


By: Salome Nirmal

ISBN: 9789358384000

Page:  147

Price:  299/-

Category: FICTION / General

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Udhay, a mentally traumatized police officer from Mumbai, embarks on a mission to locate a missing boy from a wealthy family in Chennai. The situation becomes increasingly intense as both the family and the media exert significant pressure due to the lack of any leads in the case. As Udhay delves deeper into his investigation, unexpected revelations regarding the circumstances behind the boy’s disappearance begin to unravel.
This book explores the concept of fundamental darkness that exists within every person. However, it also highlights our potential to overcome and eliminate this darkness, ultimately restoring our innate compassion. Those who are unable to achieve this victory will eventually succumb to the powerful influence of their own internal malevolence.


Salome Nirmal is an upcoming author who has written fiction like Into the Dark World. She lives in Coimbatore with her husband and her daughter, Sasha Nirmal. To find out more, visit her Instagram page agnessalome.


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