PJ Collections: Migration


By: Priya SK

ISBN: 9789358388923

Price: 1289/-

Page: 67

Category: ART / Techniques / Drawing

Delivery Time: 7-9 Days



PJ Collections Migration is yet another drawing book which depicts the challenges and flights of the birds that decide to migrate from continent to continent. It is a journey where the birds migrate due to extreme climatic conditions and the decision to return home. The author has tried her best to cover the story with few painting and keep everyone engaged, motivated to learn more on climate change, geography, decision on best possible routes, go/no-go decisions that as a leader must take. Hope you enjoy these paintings.


I, Priya SK have been working in the IT Industry for last 19+ years. My area of interest ranges from reading books to Travelling, Member of the club ToastMasters International, meditation, healing, singing. During Covid I had quit my job and that gave an opportunity for me to explore a lost skill of drawing and painting which was my core interest as a child.
I lost all my connection which introduced me to a whole new world of drawings and paintings. My paint brushes, canvas sheets, acrylic paints turned into my new friends with the songs being played in the background and all the treasures of memories triggered a new interest to be an author.
All my books are intended to provoke the creative side of the brain for new generation with new construction. I hope it serves greater good to the society at large.


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