Scientific Poultry Farming


By: Dr. Prafullakumar Vasantrao Patil and Dr. Matsyagandha Kishanrao Patil

ISBN: 9789358385519

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Scientific Poultry Business covers major breeds of chickens, sheds for chickens, feeding management of broiler chickens as well as laying hens, management of native chickens, various diseases of chickens, vaccination, deworming, brooding management, registration, effect on egg production and size. Detailed information is given regarding the factors, biosecurity and other important topics.


Dr. Prafulkumar Vasantrao Patil
Education:- M. Vi. Sc, PhD, NET (Animal Nutrition), PGDW
From 2005 to 2008 as Veterinary Officer Rajarambapu Patil Cooperative Milk Union Islampur Distt. Worked at Sangli. Working in Veterinary College, Udgir as Field Manager for 15 years from 2008 till date. Published a total of 06 books, published 41 articles on research, 31 technical articles, 275 Marathi articles, edited 7 training manuals. Organized and guided 21 trainings and more than 100 farmer gatherings. Worked as an expert in animal health camps as well as in more than 30 animal exhibitions. Guided farmers through more than 200 demonstrations. Four times national level award for best research article broadcast, various national and state level awards. Educational experience 06 years.
Dr. Matsyagandha Kishanrao Patil
Education :- M. Vi. Essie, PhD (Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology), PGDAW
Working as Assistant Professor in Veterinary College, Udgir for 15 years from 2008 till date. 02 books published as co-author, more than 45 articles on research, 40 technical articles, 148 Marathi articles published, editing of 05 training manuals, organized various trainings and seminars for women and girls. Received 02 awards at national level and 03 awards at state level. Research mentor of 03 postgraduate students and member of research guidance committee of more than 20 postgraduate students. Worked as researcher and co-researcher in various agency projects. Active participation in various Animal Health Camps, National Development Scheme Camps as well as Animal Shows.


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