Teen Talaq – Main Gunahgaar Nahi



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About the book

Teen Talaq (Main Gunahgaar Nahi) is a story of a Muslim divorced woman’s struggle. It portrays how dowry, deception, and greed ignite the fire that leads to divorce. After divorce, a woman should receive empathy, but instead, she faces social rejection. Who is at fault? Why does society still consider this helpless woman as a stigma, despite enduring so much abuse? This story. showcases the plight of divorced women, how they are abandoned by their own families, and how society ostracizes them. It sheds light on how society shuns divorced women and considers them outcasts.

About the author

Tabassum Naz Siddiqui a Post graduate in Management.She did BBA, MBA, PGDCA from CHAKRAVARTY RAJ GOPALA CHARYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Barkatullah University Bhopal (M.P.).She was worked in Automobile sector as a Manager.
A nature lover by heart.Although she grew up with a dream of becoming a Criminal Lawyer who fights for women’s rights.But destiny landed her in the Management field.Traveling, trekking,and reading novels are her hobbies.
Writing has been her passion in Hindi.Her debut novel “TEEN TALAQ” (Mein gunaahgar nahin)based on real story of Muslim divorced women struggles.It portrays show dowry, deception and greed ignite the fire that leads to divorce..
It sheds light on how society shuns divorced womens and consider them outcasts.


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