I Can Change The I & Everyone Is I – Quoted For Billion People 4.0


By: Rushang Tangal


Page: 135

Price: 199

Category: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

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About the book

A book for your self transformation. Quoted for billion people
Read. Relate. Realize. Recreate

Life changing book written :
Most no of best original quotes in world are there in this book

for billion people :
Most relatable book for all till now in the world

100+ Life topics :
in a quote that all will understand

What’s special :
this book will turn non reader into reader

Purpose :
to become a good human & to know yourself & life

Finish up :
even non readers will be able to finish

Gift to :
yourself, family, friends, colleagues, etc

Book your I :
Going through this book will change you & your life

About the author

Rushang Tangal Created most number of Best quote & life changing quote in world Some are in this book, Some will be in next book, Rest will be on internet. Also researched & quoted on today’s trends of life You will know only when you read


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