The Lost World


By: Atul Gurav

ISBN: 9789358381122

Page: 80

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Category: FICTION / General

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Science fiction is the story of people. What is the effect of the progress of existing science and technology on the life of people in the future? Science fiction is literature that depicts the society and human interactions of that time. Science is used by man only for his own welfare. But when a man uses science for his own selfishness, the man and the society have to bear the consequences. Man should act in harmony with man, society and environment. An attempt has been made through these stories that injustice should not be done to anyone.



Education – B.A., M.A. economics.

The writer’s interest in science fiction was developed by his mentor. The first science fiction writer heard from his guru Patil Sir. Since then, the author developed a passion for reading and writing science fiction. Out of this interest, the author wrote the book ‘The Last World’ for the interested readers.



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